Customized Fat Loss Review

Customized Fat Loss is developed by Kyle Leon to quickly help you shed lots of fat without losing your metabolism and boost up lean muscle. This is achieved by tailoring your nourishment to include your metabolism, age, weight, height, body type as well as exercise program.

Indeed, Customized Fat Loss can be done accurately, with the help of an excellent fitness nutritionist plus adequate amount of time and money. There are 4 original formulas that make this system unique, more secured and difficult to access by anyone. This system shall instruct you accurately the types of foods to eat at the right quantities and instructs you when is the proper time to supply your body the exact amount of fats, protein, and carbohydrates, required to dissolve fat the new Custom Way.

Customized Fat Loss Scam?

The following strategies will help you how to lose weight easily by re-creating insulin sensitivity which helps to maximize your fat loss as you age:
  • Strictly eat one ingredient foods. Our bodies are not designed to metabolize and burn more than one ingredient and processed foods well.

  • Do not eat carbohydrates without protein. This protects your insulin, blood sugar and energy levels from putting your body into a fat storage state.

  • Use a high quality fish oil to increase and rebuild insulin sensitivity. Omega Blue from Blue Star considerably increases insulin sensitivity, reduces seditious markers and allows you to eat less fish oil products to get the same benefits. Take one serving, three times a day during mealtimes.

Customized Fat Loss requires your personal data like; your gender, age, height and weight. It is also essential to figure out your body type.

Somatotypes are under three categories with the following characteristics:

Ectomorph (very thin)
This is a straight type of body type with little body fat as well as slender shoulders. This body type makes them resemble a body with shapely muscles described by an upraised brow, receding jawbone, slender upper front of body and hips, skinny legs and arms. The ectomorph does not add fat or muscle easily.

Mesomorph (muscular, a little stout)
This is a natural muscular somatotype, with hard joints and big bones. Mesomorphs have shapely forearms and calves. Mesomorphs can gain muscle easily than ectomorphs. Their features are the greatest desirable V-shape in guys with wide shoulders, slender hips and well-built arms and legs.

Endomorph (soft, susceptible to be obese)
This is a round body type, categorized by fat about the waist and a soft form because of fat that hide the muscles shape. The body is shaped like a pear with a wide belly and hips, fat on the arms, upper body, and thighs. Endomorphs are susceptible to gaining weight.

Body Categories

However, very few individuals can be categorized in any of these particular groups. A blend of somatotypes is more precise and more suitable. It is worth mentioning that somatotype blends include:

Ecto-mesomorph (very thin with more muscle-forming qualities than a real ectomorph)
This characterizes a person who has a mainstream of ectomorphic attributes and a little of mesomorphic traits. Ecto-mesomorphs have a structure that is heavier than ectomorphs. They are described to have more muscle mass.

Meso-ectomorph (muscular but thinner than real mesomorphs)
With a body that is mainly mesomorphic attributes as compared to those ectomorphic. Meanwhile, Meso-ectomorphs can effortlessly increase muscle physique but can shed it faster than true mesomorphs. Their strength is more volatile than long-lasting.

Meso-endomorph (muscular with an affinity to gain fat)
This body type has a body structure that is bulky or average. Endowed with exceptional muscle building ability, meso-endomorphs are characterized with a sluggish metabolism as compared to real mesomorphs and tremendous muscle building traits.

Endo-mesomorph (gain fat easily but characterized with good muscle building traits)
Endo-mesomorphs obtain fat easily, as the endomorphic attributes rule. They have round faces, a heavy body structure and wide hips but are strong though their muscles are buried under fat.

Customized Fat Loss progressive somatotyping methods shall form the correct amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, for your body type in order for your body to obtain what is required to burn fat without muscle loss. This is known as somato-specific diet. Your nutrition is wholly planned around your workout program. Your nutrition on your rest days is very essential because it keeps your metabolism high as your body recovers and repairs with a suitable nutrition.

So does the Customized Fat Loss Work? Yes it absolutely does. The Customized Fat Loss is a proven system that can work for you if you are really deliberate about losing fat and sincere in developing your body shape. There is undeniably no point of hitting the gym without a proper workout nutrition program i.e. the meals.

Does Customized Fat Loss Work?

Is the Customized Fat Loss a scam? You have to get yourself into this program to witness its outstanding results. This will be entirely personalized to your body type and your objective of shedding fat quickly without muscle loss.

The Customized Fat Loss system is intended to make you consume definite amount of nutrients in times your metabolism is at its peak in order for them to be used for rebuilding, strengthening and repairing your lean muscle. This however must be done with a lot of dedication and time as we said in the beginning.

Keeping up with the Customized Fat Loss program especially the nutrition part is the most vital part of this training. You don’t have to eat heavy carbs and hit the gym anymore as is with traditional training programs. Efficiency is the order of today’s sexy body regimen. With this knowledge, you have more than enough tools to start your journey to a fulfilling fat loss program that guarantees success in the quickest time possible.

Remember to keep it simple, giving your body what it requires, and when it can use it. This is an awesome revolutionary nutrition system that shall monitor your development and be certain you’re on the right path to a good looking and sexier body.

So go ahead and invest in the Customized Fat Loss program that will give you outstanding and remarkable results. Also be sure to check out Kyle’s website from below link and his other great books that highlight body fat loss, and muscle building techniques that will give you 100% success in your quest for fat free sexy muscles that will have heads turning and girls all over you.